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US denial of Cuban project 'not credible'

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 05:12:27 GMT
American author Bill Still said remarks made by the US Press Secretary Jay Carney about Washington’s role in the Cuban Twitter project is “not credible.”

It has transpired that the United States played a covert role in the Cuban Twitter project designed to undermine the Cuban government.

The head of the US Agency of International Development secretly created the "Cuban Twitter" social media network.

The administration has defended the program saying it was “debated” by Congress and did not require a White House approval because it was not a covert operation.

An Associated Press investigation found that the network was built using secret front companies and foreign bank accounts to hide its USAID funding.

Carney said "the program referred to by the Associated Press was a development program run by the United States agency for International Development and that program was completed in 2012." He added that "USAID is a development agency not an intelligence agency."

However, Still said “I don’t find the statement by president Obama’s press secretary to be credible.”

“The US agency for the international development was used for the creation of the Cuban twitter,” he added.

Still went on to say that the US “crosses the line if the current administration is now using humanitarian agencies for covert political operations.”

“It would be such a shame if this was destroyed by an overzealous administration,” he said.

The project has reportedly been able to evade Cuba’s Internet restrictions by creating a text-messaging service that could be used to organize political rallies. 

The project sought to facilitate mob flashes and protests in Cuba and lasted more than two years. It drew tens of thousands of subscribers.

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