Wednesday, 18 May 2016


i think posting on forums is quite dangerous
it certainly enables them to determine the threat you pose
i suggest posting on forums like where you can post anonymously ie without registering.
i suggest you browse such forums at home or wherever but only post from a computer/phone which is not yours ie go to a cybercafe - while there do NOT login to any accounts eg email / Facebook etc where your d├ętails are known


Sunday, 17 April 2016

i have also been posting under name

bob uk cant remember the number


Saturday, 6 February 2016


these posts made today here:

Turkey to Provoke Russia into WW3?



 I'm afraid I have to make a comment about the Russian leadership.

As far as i can see theyve made a huge mistake in not sending ground troops into Syria with the air campaign.

They could have dealt a very swift and harsh blow to ISIS and the whole thing would probably be over by now.

Yes, the West would have grumbled, but it would have been legal and thats all that matters.

Instead what could have been done in 3 - 4 months is only half completed and this has given the Satanists who control much of the planet time to formulate a new plan as we can now see.

And actually this air operation is, i suspect costing a lot more than necessary as much of this neutralisation of ISIS could be done by ground troops at a fraction of the cost.

So, all in all I have to say it appears to me the decision not to send in ground troops was a huge mistake because had they been there there's no way Turkey and S. Arabia would be contemplating a ground invasion - so youve opened that option up for them too. If Russia doesnt fill up this void, they will.

Now your only option is to declare, as you did yesterday, that a Turkey/S. Arabia ground invasion would be an act of war. So, youve backed yourself into a corner where your only option is the final option rather than leaving yourself with room to maneuver - not a smart move.

I have noticed some timidity on the part of the Russian leadership on a number of occasions and I think you need to be more bold.
ISIS could and should have been knocked out with one very swift and powerful blow. Instead they are still alive and kicking - I'd say that was a huge mistake.

Actually, I was a bit surprised from the start that Russia didnt send ground troops, but I just assumed they knew what they were doing.

I can only say I feel people who ought to be thinking clearly, aren't. This is not the time for laziness. - This last comment is not directed at Russia although I do wonder if they always think through all the options. It was more directed at Iran who IMO handled the post-al Nimr situation last month with a worrying lack of insight causing a massive Own Goal allowing the Satanists a huge propaganda coup against us by attacking the Saudi diplomatic buildings in Iran.



 re my last post, which has been edited btw,

I would also say that I think Russia should send ground troops into Syria immediately otherwise I fear we (the 6+ billion people who will fight to see this 'monolithic ruthless conspiracy' (JF Kennedy) defeated) may see the possibility of a really significant step forward ie the defeat of ISIS, evaporate before our eyes.

Infact I may go so far as to say you should either do this or nothing because doing it in a half-hearted way (which is what I think this is) could infact make the situation even more unstable.



 I would also urge people with military experience to offer advice to Vladimir Putin. I have studied him closely and my opinion is he is not a natural leader. Of course we are all delighted that finally there is someone willing to make a stand and for that reason we all support him whole-heartedly but deep down my opinion is it doesn't come naturally to him and I have seen this a number of times.

I know Russia has been through the most appalling episode (1917 - 1989) and in many ways is still struggling to really find its feet again, so none of this should be seen as an attack but rather as constructive criticism.



 We are all on the same team- there are only 2 sides in this battle: the 6+ billion ordinary sensible people who are generous and want to live in peace and those who would destroy us in their deluded quest for ultimate power. So, Russia and Mr. Putin, we are all on your side.

When I appeal for military advice, I don't mean every retired soldier on the planet phoning up with their suggestions, I really am appealing to senior and very senior officers ie Generals etc.

We all want Mr Putin to succeed and we will all do everything in our power to help him and those who ally with him. You must please see everything I've said as an attempt to be helpful.

I know everyone in Russia is working flat out to do their part in difficult circumstances and we praise and support you in that.

Also do not take my lack of posting for a while as a sign that I'm withdrawing. If ever I do decide to withdraw I will inform people, but its highly unlikely.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Further to my post yesterday re Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr - What Iran Should Do Now.

Actually the really intelligent thing for Iran to do now would be to apologise to Saudi Arabia for the damage to its buildings, offer to pay for the repairs and reverse any measures taken against Saudi Arabia following the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

This would show Iran to be above petty squabbling and mud-slinging - something we should all observe during these times.

People must understand that breaking the law in this way only helps The Satanists who control much of the planet and whom we are trying to either reform or remove.

These attacks have been a distraction from the condemnation that Saudi Arabia rightly deserves for this most outrageous of behaviour.

They have done us nothing but harm.

Remember in The Bible it says: When asked what one should do if one is hit upon the face, Jesus replies: "You should offer the other cheek."

It is not always best to respond to violence with violence. Sometimes it is more powerful to "offer the other cheek" .  We must avoid handing our enemies a propaganda victory.

Please make sure you understand this.

Remember also, Islam considers Jesus to be one of their prophets so its highly unlikely there is any inherent animosity between Christianity and Islam.

The animosity comes from Western nations (under control of the Satanic elite) attacking them whenever possible - but again, remember: turning the other cheek is often more powerful than treating like with like.

We must understand that the people we are trying to reform do not want to be reformed - they want to carry on as they are. They are always trying to lure us into traps.

As St Paul says: "You must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves".

This is the weapon we have to use - the one of transparency. It must be abundantly clear that it is not us who are the aggressors or those seeking to cause pain.

And, to be frank, the Iranian Government should have seen this coming and been ready to prevent any stupid behaviour. It's not that the anger is not justified, it is, but anything that weakens us is ridiculous.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Photos of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

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I must condemn the violence against Saudi buildings in Iran after the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

I must condemn the violence against Saudi buildings in Iran after the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Not because I support Saudi Arabia or its policies but because this hands the Satanists who control much of the planet exactly what they want namely an excuse to label us as violent and irrational.

Actually I dont think Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr would have approved of violence. He was a man of peace. This is why they feared him so much. They cannot deal with intelligent debate and disapproval. They CAN deal with violence - infact it is exactly what they want - it justifies the very crackdown and demonisation of us that they are trying to impose.

If we are better then we must show it by intelligent actions and NOT hand them exactly what they want. Sometimes "turning the other cheek" is our best weapon for it is then that they are seen for who they really are. Please make sure you understand this message. Thank you.


Another thing I must say is beware of false flags. TPTB use them all the time - not just in major bombings etc but also in low-level agitation - muggings, robbery, rape etc etc.
I have spent a lot of time amongst Muslims, Arabs, Africans and Asians and I do not recognise much of the bad behaviour reportedly carried out by them.

Almost to a man, I find them unfailingly decent, kind, humble, generous and caring. I am very willing to accept anything portraying them as otherwise is propaganda by the Satanists who control much of the planet and are behind 99.9999999% of the suffering in the world.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists." J Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI for many years.

Be on your guard for the Satanists and their tricks. Go spend some time amongst the Muslims, Arabs, Africans and Asians and tell me I am wrong - please.