Tuesday, 15 September 2015

still not able to access GLP

still not able to access GLP
GMG now on
pointe rouge is 8km east CC not 5

Monday, 14 September 2015

more strange goings on

1 not able to view GLP or givemegossip.com
2 more confusions at the Russian Consulate about who i am and why i'm there
3 the stalker, in BEDFORD van now 20 metres behind my rear door - still using radiation device

i have to be careful what i say bcoz the French tried to send me to the psychiatric hospital last october when i discussed the NWO with a doctor 

if u r in Marseille u can find me in Pointe Rouge - 5 kms east of city centre, behind INPP - the French international diving school, in the car park, white VW Caddy. i'm usually asleep between 5am and 3 pm, in the evening i go to internet. youll see the stalker probably unless he moves.

i must add, i'm beginning to suspect France may be involved in attempts to stop me leaving the country.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

strange goings on

strange goings on
ive attended the Russian Consulate in Marseille several times in the past few days only to be told every time that its closed - the last 2 times receiving no reply at all.
in every case i have attended before 5 pm, in one case at 4pm.
i find this a bit strange given they are expecting me.

also the stalker disappeared the day i posted about him, then he reappeared yesterday in a VW camper, light brown with a large white hi-top roof, parking about 100 metres behind my rear door. then today he reappeared in the BEDFORD camper van again. both times blasting me with radiation. judging by the look of his rear axle hes carrying about 15 large car batteries to power his radiation device.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

also i have been stalked for ~ a month by a man in a BEDFORD camper van

also i have been stalked for ~ a month by a man in a BEDFORD camper van
he parks 20m from my rear door at night and 20m from my side door during the day
he has radiation weapons in his van and has been using them - it seems they can penetrate thru steel
i'm currently stuck in my current location after 2 tyres were slashed about 5 weeks ago.

i havent been able to access GLP from any WIFI/broadband source for some days

i havent been able to access GLP from any WIFI source for some days
this is just to view
i dont post there anymore as it always means a ban and that means u cant even view the forum
i am just directed to http://www.givemegossip.com/