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i posted alot of info re preparing militarily on DIF.. if anyone has it pls post it as a comment n i will repost it. jdi. /// if u r ordinary individual wait 24 hrs to see if those with protection post first//

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remember magnetic reversals happen every 11,500 years, and there is always species-extinction. end of post.

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School Science Project Reveals High Levels Of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation in Grocery Store Seafood School Science Project Reveals High Levels Of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation in Grocery Store Seafood By Michael Snyder, on March 27th, 2014 charts/links/videos not included, contains links Fukushima Radiation - University Of New South Wales A Canadian high school student named Bronwyn Delacruz never imagined that her school science project would make headlines all over the world. But that is precisely what has happened. Using a $600 Geiger counter purchased by her father, Delacruz measured seafood bought at local grocery stores for radioactive contamination. What she discovered was absolutely stunning. Much of the seafood, particularly the products that were made in China, tested very high for radiation. So is this being caused by nuclear radiation from Fukushima? Is the seafood that we are eating going to give us cancer and other diseases? The American people deserve the truth, but as you will see below, the U.S. and Canadian governments are not even testing imported seafood for radiation. To say that this is deeply troubling would be a massive understatement. In fact, what prompted Bronwyn Delacruz to conduct her science project was the fact that the Canadian government stopped testing imported seafood for radiation in 2012… Alberta high-school student Bronwyn Delacruz loves sushi, but became concerned last summer after learning how little food inspection actually takes place on some of its key ingredients. The Grade 10 student from Grande Prairie said she was shocked to discover that, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods for radiation in 2012. And what should be a major red flag for authorities is the fact that the seafood with the highest radiation is coming from China… Armed with a $600 Geiger counter bought by her dad, Delacruz studied a variety of seafoods – particularly seaweeds – as part of an award-winning science project that she will take to a national fair next month. “Some of the kelp that I found was higher than what the International Atomic Energy Agency sets as radioactive contamination, which is 1,450 counts over a 10-minute period,” she said. “Some of my samples came up as 1,700 or 1,800.” Delacruz said the samples that “lit up” the most were products from China that she bought in local grocery stores. It is inexcusable that the Canadian government is not testing this seafood. It isn’t as if they don’t know that it is radioactive. Back in 2012, the Vancouver Sun reported that cesium-137 was being found in a very high percentage of the fish that Japan was selling to Canada… • 73 percent of the mackerel • 91 percent of the halibut • 92 percent of the sardines • 93 percent of the tuna and eel • 94 percent of the cod and anchovies • 100 percent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish So why was radiation testing for seafood shut down in Canada in 2012? Someone out there needs to answer some very hard questions. Meanwhile, PBS reporter Miles O’Brien has pointed out the extreme negligence of the U.S. government when it comes to testing seafood for Fukushima radiation. The following comes from a recent EcoWatch article… O’Brien also introduces us to scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute who have been testing waters around the reactors—as well as around the Pacific Rim—to confirm the levels of Fukushima fallout, especially of cesium. These scientists are dedicated and competent. But they are also being forced to do this investigation on their own, raising small amounts of money from independent sources. They were, explains lead scientist Ken Buesseler, turned down for even minimal federal support by five agencies key to our radiation protection. Thus, despite a deep and widespread demand for this information, no federal agency is conducting comprehensive, on-the-ground analyses of how much Fukushima radiation has made its way into our air and oceans. In fact, very soon after Fukushima began to blow, President Obama assured the world that radiation coming to the U.S. would be minuscule and harmless. He had no scientific proof that this would be the case. And as O’Brien’s eight-minute piece shows all too clearly, the “see no evil, pay no damages” ethos is at work here. The government is doing no monitoring of radiation levels in fish, and information on contamination of the ocean is almost entirely generated by underfunded researchers like Buesseler. A video news report in which O’Brien discusses these issues is posted below… #### It is the job of the authorities to keep us safe, and the Fukushima nuclear disaster was the worst nuclear disaster in human history. So why aren’t they doing testing? Why aren’t they checking to make sure that this radiation is not getting into our food chain? The Japanese are doing testing off the coast of Japan, and one fish that was recently caught off the coast of the Fukushima prefecture was discovered to have 124 times the safe level of radioactive cesium. So why are all the authorities in North America just assuming that the fish are going to be perfectly fine on this side of the Pacific? One test that was conducted in California discovered that 15 out of 15 Bluefin tuna were contaminated with radiation from Fukushima. So how can the authorities say “don’t worry, just eat the seafood”? Everyone agrees that a plume of radioactive water has been moving from Fukushima toward the west coast of the United States. According to researchers at the University of South Wales, that plume is going to hit our shores at some point during 2014… The first radioactive ocean plume released by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster will finally be reaching the shores of the United States some time in 2014, according to a new study from the University of New South Wales — a full three or so years after the date of the disaster. The following graphic comes from that study… Fukushima Radiation - University Of New South Wales And multiple independent tests have already confirmed that levels of nuclear radiation are being detected on California beaches that are more than 10 times the normal level. Clearly something is happening. So why are the U.S. and Canadian governments willingly looking the other way? About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

Brazil looks to ban Monsanto’s Roundup, other toxicity risks

Brazil looks to ban Monsanto’s Roundup, other toxicity risks

West ignores results of int’l missions that found no troop build-up near Ukraine borders – Moscow

West ignores results of int’l missions that found no troop build-up near Ukraine borders – Moscow Published time: March 28, 2014 18:36 Russia has denied any troop build-up on the Ukraine border, a claim voiced by President Barack Obama and Kiev officials. Moscow slammed the West for ignoring the results of recent fact-finding missions for the sake of political expediency. On Friday Obama urged Russia to pull back “a range of troops,” which he said, “we have seen […] massing along that border under the guise of military exercises." "But these are not what Russia would normally be doing," Obama said, speaking with CBS on his trip to Rome. He then suggested that the troop build-up could be “just an effort to intimidate Ukraine.” "It may be that they've got additional plans," Obama said. The US president’s comments came the day after a Ukrainian security official told Executive Vice President of the US-Atlantic Council Damon Wilson that “almost 100,000 soldiers are stationed on the borders of Ukraine and in the direction ... of Kharkov, Donetsk.” "Russian troops are not only in Crimea, they are along all Ukrainian borders. They're in the south, they're in the east and in the north," Andrey Parubiy, one of the so-called Maidan “commandants” who has been appointed chairman of Ukraine's Security Council, told the Atlantic Council during a web conference Thursday. Parubiy expressed his worry that continental Ukraine might “see a huge attack” on its territory. “We are getting ready for it," he said. In the past few days, Western media has extensively reported that Russia is positioning its troops in Crimea and along the Ukrainian border. Some of the major news outlets speculated that Russian troops “appeared to be concealing their positions, trying to cloak their equipment, and establishing supply lines.” Responding to those accusations, Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement, in which it recalled four probes in March by foreign missions in Russia of regions bordering Ukraine. The ministry said that “even Ukrainian inspectors” agreed that “there were no major military activities being carried out.” The four international missions included representatives of Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, France and Ukraine. None of the missions “found ‘aggressive preparations’ and have not recorded any military activities, aside from the previously declared,” the statement said. “Opportunities to conduct such activities were provided to all those who wished to get acquainted with the real situation in the border with Ukraine regions,” the ministry said. The statement emphasized that “even Ukrainian inspectors” agreed that “there were no major military activities being carried out.” “The result of this was the official reports submitted to all OSCE member states. The objective information contained in those reports, in our view, should have become a subject of an impartial analysis and basis for further conclusions,” the statement said. This, however, is not the case here, the ministry said. As another proof that there are no additional Russian troops and active military preparations, the Foreign Ministry referred to recent observation flights by American and German inspectors. “The official results of those flights will be known later, after the processing of photographic materials. However, one can assume that if signs of large concentration of the armed forces were spotted from the air, our partners would not wait to present the ‘evidence’. Hence, it simply does not exist,” the ministry said. Russia’s Foreign Ministry also questioned the objectivity of Western politicians. "Is objective information collected by military inspectors not provided to the political leadership [of Western countries]? Or are these leaders, yielding to their emotions, inclined to ignore the facts in order to satisfy their own political tastes and preferences?" the ministry said. #######Comments (263)

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Putin: Russia to protect citizens from GMO food without violating its WTO obligations
if israel has nukes in its embassies then wouldnt it be better to destroy those embassies? surely a dirty bomb is better than a nuclear explosion?

UK spends £250k on royal letters row UK spends £250k on royal letters row Fri, 28 Mar 2014 16:18:00 GMT The UK government has spent more than a quarter of a million pounds in legal fees to prevent the publication of letters written by Prince Charles to British politicians. UK’s attorney general, Dominic Grieve, said that eight government departments have so far spent some £274,480 on barristers and other lawyers over the past four years in a bid to block the release of the letters. Grieve was forced to reveal the government cost following a parliamentary question by Labor MP Paul Flynn on the issue. "This denial of information by government is a sinful waste of public money. If there is something in the letters that suggests Prince Charles will be a poor monarch, then his future subjects have a right to know,” said Flynn. This comes as three senior judges in a Court of Appeal overruled on March 12 an earlier decision by Grieve to use his ministerial veto to block the release of the correspondence. The judges said Grieve’s veto was unlawful and incompatible with EU law and the royal letters could be revealed to the public. Grieve had argued that he used his veto power as the contents of the letters threaten to damage the prince’s political neutrality and create constitutional problems. This is while critics fear that the Price of Wales could be taking advantage of his royal status to impose his controversial political views on the British government. Prince Charles has been writing letters, known as the “black spider” memos, for several years to British politicians expressing his views on public issues. The letters were addressed to ministers in the Cabinet Office and the departments responsible for business, health, schools, environment, culture and Northern Ireland
theres a lot of news i'm not posting atm. suggest you read each day: and
i said recently on DIF that imo we go straight from passive non-compliance to full-on military action. i wrote about 5 long posts which i now cant find.// you need to be reasonably fit - walk 5 miles min, practice Night Navigation using a compass, know how to map read + other survival skills including River Crossings.// i suggested Lofty (John) Wiseman's SAS Survival Handbook £10.// i'll post more on this soon. basically get fit, and get prepared bcoz if Russia is weakened in any way we must act. jdi.

UN urged to probe Turkey audio leak UN urged to probe Turkey audio leak Fri, 28 Mar 2014 21:15:03 GMT Syria has called on the United Nations to investigate a leaked file containing discussions by top Turkish authorities on how to fabricate an attack in order to justify a military operation against Damascus. “I’d like to refer once again to this audio tape leak by the Turkish foreign minister and the deputy chief of staff of the Turkish army,” Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said on Friday, adding that the Turkish officials talked about the attack by “sending a terrorist group inside the Syrian territory.” “And then this group is supposed to launch eight missiles within the Turkish territory and it would be a justification for further Turkish aggression against Syria,” the Syrian envoy stated. He also denounced some members of the UN Security Council and its secretariat for refusing to hear the truth about the situation in Syria, saying those countries themselves are “deeply involved” in “spreading terrorism” across the Arab country. The audio file uploaded on YouTube is a recording of Turkey's intelligence chief Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Deputy Chief of Military Staff Yasar Guler, and other senior officials discussing the possible assault. Ankara reacted to the anonymous posting by blocking users’ access to YouTube throughout Turkey, saying the leaking of the controversial recording had created “a national security issue”. Davutoglu also on Thursday condemned the leak as a “declaration of war” against the Turkish government and nation, stressing, “A cyber attack has been carried out against the Turkish Republic, our state and our valued nation.” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier described the recording as "villainous". The YouTube ban came a week after the government imposed a ban on Twitter, accusing the social networking website of violating Turkey's laws.

Israel shut embassies to store nukes: Gordon Duff

Israel shut embassies to store nukes: Gordon Duff Striking employees of Israeli Foreign Ministry gather in al-Quds (Jerusalem), March 24, 2014. Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:36PM GMT Related Interviews: ‘Israel real threat to world peace’ 'Hunter anti-Iran remarks demagoguery' Related Viewpoints: Canada ominous silence on Israel nukes Recent closure of Israeli embassies across the world has been a scenario by Tel Aviv to store nuclear weapons in its diplomatic facilities, a political analyst says. In an article published on Press TV website, Gordon Duff stated that the unprecedented closure of the Israeli embassies “may well be true” but some would “cite the long-time rumor that Israel has stored nuclear weapons in all her embassies.” Duff also alleged that satellite-based sensors have detected Special Nuclear Material (SNM) at Israeli embassies and consular facilities. “There is, in fact, a ‘war plan’ that includes simultaneous assaults on the worldwide embassy/consular facilities of a TBD (To Be Determined) nation in case of ‘special circumstances,’” Duff wrote. The analyst argued that the closures bring to mind the infamous “Samson Option” plan, which says Israel must be prepared to “take down the world” if threatened. Unprecedented general strike by Israeli diplomats over their wage and working conditions, which has closed all the 102 Israeli missions abroad, has been the first since 1948. The Israeli regime is widely believed to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East with more than 200 undeclared nuclear warheads. Tel Aviv has rejected global calls to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and does not allow international inspectors to observe its controversial nuclear program.

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THE END of the California orange. Dams intentionally completely drained to destroy California agriculture

THE END of the California orange. Dams intentionally completely drained to destroy California agriculture March 26 2014######## ############ [COLOR="Blue"]charts/links/videos not included, contains links, [/COLOR] Permalink I am re-posting this with updates because it is so important. I was actually in the San Joaquin valley when the effort to destroy it started. In 2008 I saw the Sacremento river carrying all the water from the dams straight to the ocean, it was obvious they opened the dams to intentionally drain them. During this time, when the river should have been at a low point, it was at flood stage and even after having a lot of experience with dangerous rivers such as the Mississippi, and having seen the Yukon at flood stage, the Sacremento river was absolutely spooky to see at this time - obvious death for even an experienced swimmer. During this time, the media was pushing the lie about how water was limited, all the while they were draining it to the ocean - "limited" because "there was a drought." But reality is that the rain in California has been within a perfectly normal range for the last 10 years, there has been no drought and even if there was a drought the reservoirs that were built to supply the San Joaquin had enough reserve, absent being drained, to keep California agriculture alive for a full five years with no rain at all. Now, (for the last six months) there really has been less rain than usual, and it is obviously caused by chem trails and Haarp. They are manufacturing a real drought at this time in the hopes that people will not realize that prior to now the rain has been perfectly normal over the last 10 years and STARTING NOW, the San Joaquin should with a truthful lack of rain be able to hold on for five years. Unfortunately the dams are already drained so they will succeed at killing the San Joaquin this summer, the summer of 2014. The original article follows: After draining the dams on purpose was done by the "elite" to destroy the San Joaquin valley, Haarp is being used to finish the job with a real drought. Read on, I have proof that this has been in the works for six years. (scroll down to see it in pictures if you don't have time to read a long article) FACT: Many of the orchards and prime agricultural zones have already been intentionally killed via denial of water by the choice of the elite. This was caused by draining all the dams and flushing all the water out to the ocean ON PURPOSE. Here is what is really going on - America's enemies which have taken control of the country by the throat obviously want the San Joaquin gone from America's list of assets. The San Joaquin is a natural desert, which was only brought to life via irrigation projects and reservoirs. No "drought" can change this fact. Several people who are among the "elite", most notably Warren Buffet bought all the reservoirs in violation of law (at least the original law the reservoirs were agreed to be built under) and drained them into the ocean rather than give the water to the farmers (which also violated the water contracts the farmers signed onto) in the name of an imported and not native fish called the Delta Smelt. These fish were brought into California around 100 years ago and are not natural to the area at all. There has ALWAYS been plenty of water in California. The irrigation projects were vastly overbuilt and were more than enough to handle an extended drought, (which there in fact has not been despite claims) up until now. But once America's enemies among the elite got control of the dams, they simply opened the floodgates and sent all the collected water straight to the ocean down the San Joaquin river, causing a large amount of flooding and draining the water supply that California orchards and agriculture needs to survive. And they did it in the name of a fish that did not belong there anyway, an obvious act of war. Since the farmers subsequently did not get their water, a lie of drought was hatched in the mainstream media (including mainstream fake alternative media), a lie laid waste by the rainfall chart that even Rense posted. This was an act of war against the American people, launched by NWO elitists to destroy America's most prime agricultural zone. Make no mistake, the New World Order crowd absolutely HATES America, and will be America's "friend" only to whatever extent it takes to deceive an ignorant populace long enough to have that populace stand idly by as America's greatest assets are WIPED OUT. The San Joaquin agricultural zone was far too much of an asset for America's conquerors to tolerate having around, so they just took control via government corruption afforded by rigged elections and shut off the water. Now there are hundreds of miles of dead orchards there, stretching as far as the eye can see. And the State mandates that the growers cut these dead orchards down, so six years into this war there are equally vast expanses of dead earth that were only a short time ago fertile orchards. So when you hear MANY in the so called "truth movement" haarp all about how the San Joaquin died because of Fukushima, KNOW THE LIE. MANY IN THE "TRUTH MOVEMENT" HAVE EVOLVED INTO BEING THE ENEMY OF TRUTH. Let's PROVE IT RIGHT NOW, with a few pictures of the San Joaquin from MORE THAN A YEAR AGO, LONG before this so-called "drought" which happens to be Haarp caused and actually is real. REAL BUT IRRELEVEANT, THE SAN JOAQUIN IS ALREADY DEAD. Here is the California precipitation chart everyone is now quoting. Look at the history here, there have been plenty of other periods that were a little bit dry. The only dry period on the chart is the recent Haarp attack that has spanned five months, since September of 2013 (when the water year starts) up until now, in Feb of 2014. The real drought, the HAARP drought has only been going on for FIVE MONTHS. 5 months won't empty the dams or kill orchards. LOOK AT THE CHART BELOW, AND THEN TRY TO EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS OF EMPTY DAMS. WHY ARE THEY EMPTY ALREADY, WHEN UP TO SEP OF 2013 THE RAIN WAS WITHIN A NORMAL RANGE? From the chart above, it is OBVIOUS there has been no drought. Even in 2010 and 2011 the liars in the MSM talked all about how little rain California got, and the chart proves that those were both very wet years. But people still trust the MSM, even when getting soaked. The subsequent years were NOT BAD ENOUGH TO MAKE THE DAMS LOOK LIKE THIS: The chart from Forbes PROVES: These orchards are NOT dead because of drought and the dams are NOT empty because of drought, they are empty because a few priviledged enemies in the New World order got into America's government and chose to drain them so they can get America by the throat in a future catastrophe THEY ENGINEERED. The enemy would surely love to blame it on Fuku, DO NOT let a lack of knowledge draw you into that trap. The photo to the left, which Rense posted clearly shows that Haarp is indeed being used to stop the rain from reaching California. But this is being done to create a real drought only AFTER the San Joaquin has been severely damaged from lack of water. 2011 gave the orchards another year, up until 2010 the farmers were able to pump wells to water the valley. But the wells went mostly dry by the end of 2010, and 2011 was a godsend because they had no other water, and were denied it from the reservoirs, water which they got from a very wet year that should have filled the reservoirs. I know, I WAS THERE DURING IT. It rained all the time and this saved the orchards. But after 2011, the orchards took a severe beating from being denied water during a normal precipitation year following a very wet year that should have filled the reservoirs, and this haarp blockage will no doubt be the final death sentence for the San Joaquin, because even if there is an agreement to save the orchards, the NWO crowd already emptied the dams. There is no where to go now.
remember Israel is controlled like all countries, so dont fall into the trap of hating all Jews. ofc certain countries (Israel & UK in particular) r v big players in the NWO agenda but ultimately they r all controlled. 'Jews run the NWO' is one of the big PTB lies to set the Jews up for their own destruction but, yes, many of them do seem to be willing to take part.
Israel has nukes in all embassies. After plot to fly missing 777 into Hague meeting foiled yesterday, may use Sampson Option. see
THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THIS PLANE IS HEADQUARTERED IN FLORIDA, THE SAME STATE THE 777 INTERCEPTED BY THE DUTCH AIR FORCE FLEW OUT OF Identical flight 370 in Tel Aviv? Permalink UPDATE: THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THIS PLANE IS HEADQUARTERED IN FLORIDA, THE SAME STATE THE 777 INTERCEPTED BY THE DUTCH AIR FORCE FLEW OUT OF, HMMMMMMMMMM . . . . . UPDATE: The following is absolutely documented in irrefutable terms. I do my homework. Attempts to re-write sources and change records or censor photos won't work, I do my homework and you cannot get away with that with me, I'll just re-post originals that are obviously and verifiably NOT FAKE. I looked into this and it actually took some thinking to confirm this was NOT a hoax, and it is not a hoax. I confirmed that it was not a hoax by putting the plane's exact designation into Google with a dated search that forced all results to be prior to March of 2014. It is indeed a Malaysia flight 370 clone, with Malaysia airlines paint identical to flight 370, and it is indeed parked at Tel Aviv, and has been there since 21-10-2013. To get the history of this plane and prove this story is not a hoax, drop the search term N105GT GA Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) - cn 28416 / ln 155 into Google. Do a dated search to only return results from before March, and hit images. This will yield the four photos below: UPDATE: These appear to be censored again, and I will fix that permanently. The plane is owned by GA telesis and has been sitting there, in Tel Aviv, in storage, as stated. Now, to the non-conspiracy crowd, GA Telesis is an aircraft leasing firm. SO, I guess you could say that explains why this plane is in storage. But I'd like to pop a question then, WHY IN TEL AVIV WHEN THE HOST COMPANY IS HEADQUARTERED IN FLORIDA, THE SAME STATE THE PLANE THE DUTCH INTERCEPTED FLEW OUT OF? . . . . . Good question. The blog which originally posted this plane was in Tel Aviv has been censored from Google. If I manage to find it again (I had to leave the cyber cafe in the middle of this because they closed for lunch and it was extremely difficult to re-find this data) I will post the original blog that had this as an update. It ended up being bang on. UPDATE: HERE IS THE BLOG you have to scroll down a ways. UPDATE: Malaysia airlines previously leased this plane, that would explain the paint job. But WHY TEL AVIV? WHY HAVE SUCH A VALUABLE ASSET SIT IN STORAGE FOR SO LONG? R. wrote Jim, Check out the other links on Bollyn web site. Plane was slated for disassembly in Fla , then appears in France and somehow ends up in Israel. Parked out of US but suddenly gets a US "N" registration . As you know all countries have their own designator , Mexico starts with "X" , etc . Great job by you guys !! Hopefully lives will be spared . Be safe and Thanks for being a warrior for truth !! R My response I did not read Bollyn's site in detail, I just knew he was onto something and then did my own looking into things. If additional info is there, GREAT! I usually will get a tip, then ignore the source and do my own work. That is why what I have is almost completely absent any bullshit. I can make mistakes and I am sure a few have not been caught, and that is why I say "almost". The key thing is to be reasonably good at what you do, while being completely honest even if it does not fit what you want to report. thanks for writing, James March 26, 2014 #######

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Tomorrow a huge drill simulating a 9.2 earthquake is going to be run by Fema on the West Coast, including tsunami and the whole 9 yards. This is alarming and interesting I vetted this, it's legit. Tomorrow a huge drill simulating a 9.2 earthquake is going to be run by Fema on the West Coast, including tsunami and the whole 9 yards. I have readers in California and other places on the West Coast telling me their swimming pools are vibrating, with odd intersecting waves in them. This also happened in Japan, readers in Japan told me how everything was jiggling and giving them a "vertigo" feeling which would obviously not be a natural occurrence, and it all revolved around the haarp quake Japan went through on 3/11, that did not just happen without precursor events such as this. #### 3 drills running concurrently, see pdf, for ~1 week in usa fm 27 March 2014
not been able to login DIF since Sun night. will post here for now jdi.