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Natural cycles of the sun will bring worst cold in 200 years

Natural cycles of the sun will bring worst cold in 200 years

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“May well reshape the future of humankind through massive global crop losses, social upheaval, and significant loss of life.” - John L. Casey

John CaseyNatural cycles of the sun will bring worst cold in 200 years”

By John L. Casey
Guest Columnist
The Orlando Sentinel
January 4, 2014
“We are not capable of addressing climate change.” Such was the lead-off sentence of the latest climate-change guest columnist Gregory Willits, in the December 24, 2013 edition of the Orlando Sentinel (“Let’s accept climate change and deal with it in a big way”). It was an accurate statement to be sure, but for all the wrong reasons.
Willits, an avowed “green” enthusiast, went on to strongly support the building of sea walls to keep out the predicted rising sea levels that the world’s greatest climate scaremonger Al Gore, has said will swamp most of Florida with 21 feet of sea water by the year 2100. Yes, we are not capable of addressing climate change — the truth about climate change, that is.
The truth of what is really happening to the climate vs. the United Nations and current U.S. government version is, however, a bit hard to accept after two decades of global warming propaganda. I know. It was for me in April 2007, after finishing some research into solar activity.
I had concluded that global warming was ending and a potentially dangerous cold climate was beginning. Such was my first public climate prediction with several more to follow.
My announcement then to the White House, Congress and the mainstream media was of course greeted with the expected indifference, ridicule, and even slander.
Now, it’s almost seven years later, and the track record of my Space and Science Research Corporation in making major climate-change predictions, is one of the best in the United States, according to public records.
To keep track of these predictions and the actual climate status of the Earth, the SSRC publishes the Global Climate Status Report. It is an authoritative, quarterly, apolitical, climate report published in the U.S., where anyone who wants the unvarnished status of the Earth’s climate can find it. The latest Dec. 10, 2013 edition shows that of 24 climate parameters, 18 show global cooling as the dominant trend. All may soon show a cooling trend.
My research, which incorporates climate data from government sources and the work of other researchers, shows that Earth’s global temperature average has had no effective growth for 16 years.
More important, the Earth’s oceans have been cooling for 10 years and the atmosphere for seven years. The global climate models of temperature and sea-level increases that the United Nations’ manmade global warming zealots have used to justify their actions are simply wrong by a wide margin — not just in my view, but in the views of many other researchers around the world.
According to the hard climate data and not the politics of climate change, global warming ended years ago, exactly when it was supposed to, according to natural cycles of the sun, the primary controller of climate change on Earth.
The next climate change to a long cold era may well reshape the future of humankind through massive global crop losses, social upheaval, and significant loss of life.
Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences have said a new “Little Ice Age” will start in 2014. The SSRC and many other scientists worldwide say that the worst cold in over 200 years is now upon us
Further, if this next cold climate behaves like the last similar one (1793-1830), then we may also see some of the worst-ever earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun regulates more than we have been told.
The sea walls and numerous other barriers to the truth about the Earth’s climate status have already been built to enormous heights. We need no more.
John L. Casey, a former White House space program advisor and space shuttle engineer,  is author of the internationally acclaimed book, Cold Sun: A dangerous ‘hibernation’ of the Sun has begun!
“Dangerous cold is coming,” says Casey.  ”Decades of dangerously cold weather.”
“In some of the coldest years during the next two-decades, global agricultural systems will start to fail, producing catastrophic shortages in the world’s food supplies.”
Unfortunately, I think Mr. Casey is correct. As I’ve been warning for years, I fear that we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice.

my comment: all talk about rising sea levels is complete b/s
sea levels fall as the water stays on the ice-caps as they grow during the Ice Age

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