Saturday, 10 October 2015


if a full scale conflict between the Satanists and the people of the World emerges everyone will be required to play their part.
i wd suggest you attack railway lines to slow down their transport abilities.
if you can attack military aircraft on the ground that wd cause serious problems for them
you could blow up bridges too to mess up their infrastructure.

btw is back on for me altho not posting there due to bans
posting here or

as their options get reduced they may start acting wildly - be ready for this

we have 2 options:
- try to bring them down
- do nothing

i dont recommend the 'do nothing' option coz barring some unexpected intervention in our favour, it likely means we're all going to the death camps

so as far as i am concerned we have to keep moving forward with our plan to bring them down

in the end there can only be one winner - us or them.

but i'm not going out without a fight - for me its death or glory and i hope and trust you are all with me too.

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