Saturday, 11 July 2015

the purpose of JH15 and whether to fight.

if Jade Helm goes ahead in its full form i.e. round up of red (+ poss blue) list then full disarmament of USA, it is my opinion that we must invade the USA.


there remain 3 obstacles:

the well-armed US public

the first 2 may be attacked this summer and once finished theyll go for Russia.

then, its pretty much all over.

regarding advice to US citizens:

i think red list ppl shd get out of the country either to S America or Russia

i did say they shd stay n fight but now the whole picture is clear ive changed my advice

i dont think  JH15 is just about disarming the US public, i think its about the detention and execution of anyone who resists too.


whether you choose to fight or allow them to disarm without a fight is your decision - militarily they are superior so in many ways it is unwise to engage them
it might be better to surrender your arms and fight them on the intellectual battlefield
thats your decision

i suggest ppl from non-JH15 states go to JH15 area and observe and report back any evidence of red list removals so you can decide whether or not to move.

i am virtually certain JH15 is part of a larger program of global chaos involving crashing the global economy in order to bring in the NWO

TPTB have to move this year - time is getting very tight for them and i think this is it.

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