Tuesday, 23 June 2015

a little message in light of current world events.

it is quite clear they are trying to provoke the USA to take action / permit control of guns.

if we react to their provocations, we are marching to their tune, not ours - this would be a potentially fatal mistake - actually, if u r wise u can see that all they are really doing, is making fools of themselves.

i will state the position again, as far as i'm concerned:

we only rise up:
1. if ALL other options have been exhausted
2. if they are about to make a move which would weaken us irreparably

right now there are three things stopping them seizing power:
1. an independent-minded China
2. an uncooperative Russia
3. the well-armed US public

they cannot attack these 3 all at the same time
so, they will choose the easiest and deal with that first - leaving the other 2 severely weakened
it looks like they've decided that the first on the list is the well-armed US public

I'm sorry, but we DO NOT rise up as and when THEY wish
the moment we do, we've given them exactly what they want

I know its painful but we have to endure it
the alternative will be far worse; and it will also help wake those still asleep, as they begin to see how completely broken this system is - even ordinary people will realise that these events have to be orchestrated.

We may never have to rise up - given enough rope, they may just hang themselves
Those of you who think its clever to get into a fight - grow up. This isn't tiddly-winks. We are talking about the lives of 6.5 billion people and indeed, the future of humanity.

So, I'm sorry people, but we have to remain calm and focussed and realise this is all orchestrated to make us fall into their trap.
If we dont, the trap may just take them instead.

Remain calm and focussed people and realise who is pulling the strings.

That is what we have to do at this time.

Good luck, and may God be with us all. JDI.

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