Thursday, 2 April 2015 @@@ o Germanwingspassengers could have made mobile phonecalls, cover up underway o EU plans end of all cash by2018, spellsend of all freedom and resistance to Globalists o Measuresto stop another Globalist false flag plane crash o FALSE FLAG STORY CHANGESON SECOND BLACK BOX, NOW REPORTED STILL MISSING, MAYNEVERBE FOUND o French prosecutor has withheld phones ofGermanwings crash passengers o Bild publishes fake video on Germanwings crash, French investigators ask for itto be handed over o TRANSCRIPT AND AUDIO FILES FAKED: MORE PROOF THE GERMANWINGS CRASH WAS A FALSE FLAG o Retired Lufthansa pilot: “We don’t know anything about the Germanwings crash” o Reuters lied, sayswitness who allegedly saw Russian-backed rebels firemissile that downed MH17 o Head of Irish Airline Pilots saysco pilot guilty verdict in absence of flight data recorder is “extraordinary” o Prosecutors say no sign of problems by theGermanwings co pilot o Bild salestake a knockover Germanwings misinformation campaign o German media circus over Germanwings crash backfires o Supporters of Germanwingscrash pilot say Lubitz may have been framed o French nuclear reactor was located on the flightpath of the Germanwings plane o NEW FRENCHINVESTIGATOR PLEDGESTO INVESTIGATE SECOND BLACK BOX MYSTERY, GERMANPOLICE SAY COPIILOT WASNOT SUFFERING FROM PSYCHIATRICPROBLEMS

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