Friday, 22 February 2013

John Lewis Advert - Nibiru/UFOs?

i'll post using the DI forum thread titles where possible../// .......... February 21, 2013 posting ... my weekly radio show archive is now posted on the archive sub-page ... this week i cover a number of short items but the main science topic is on luminescence and specifically the luminescence of comet C/2012/F6 Lemmon that is about to make an appearance in our night sky of the northern hemisphere and is lit up light a giant celestial neon sign with the electrical discharge passing through it as predicted by my Plasma Discharge Comet Model ... i found it comical that a few weeks ago published a statement saying that the comet was a brilliant green because of "reflected" sunlight ... i thoroughly slammed that absurdity and what i find amusing is that they are now still saying the same thing but leaving out the word "reflected" ... and just saying it is due to solar radiation on the comet which is further fairy tale science ... they sure can't let on to the truth and they SURE will never say that real spectrographic data would show LUMINOSCITY and spectral lines with far more energy than can be explained by reflected sunlight and which is very different from "reflected" light NOT TO MENTION that you would see RED SHIFTED light from this comet ... how's a little puffy snowball going to do that ... like i have always said ... many times it is not what they say in the gov mouthpiece news agencies ... it is what they do not say ... anyway join me this week on my show to keep up with current celestial events ... jim mccanney ==

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